Nutrition Summit India 2016

Increasing health consciousness and improved incomes and standards of living has boosted the growth of the nutraceuticals markets in India, making it one of the fastest growing segments. The Indian nutraceuticals industry is expected to grow at 20 per cent to USD 6.1 billion by 2019-2020 due to rising awareness about health and fitness and changing lifestyle. FSSAI plays a significant role in defining standards to streamline the nutraceuticals market in India, which includes quality raw materials, safe manufacturing of products, health claims, labeling and distribution, and storage. The Nutrition Summit India is the only dedicated conference which provides a common platform for the industry and other stakeholders to come together to discuss the key challenges, learn from the best practices adopted across the country and ensure their firm is positioned to comply with latest regulatory guidelines.


Key Conference Focus Areas

  • Categorization of nutritional product and their approval process in India by FSSAI
  • Understanding the specific guidelines on labeling requirements to meet regulatory protocols as per the FSSAI
  • The base of nutritional status: paediatric nutrition
  • Recognizing the changing nutritional needs of developing children, from infancy to adolescence
  • Strategies to Improve the Quality-of-Life of the Elderly: The Role of Geriatric
  • Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements in Sports
  • Micro-nutrient security for India: Priorities for research and action
  • Food fortification as a complementary strategy
  • Obesity Management and Diabetic nutrition
  • Emerging Potential of Nutraceuticals Related to Ayurveda